Lisa Lindeman

My name is Lisa Lindeman, and I am the Director of Children’s Ministry here at Peace Lutheran Church. I‘m married to Tim Lindeman and we have 3 grown children, Jenna, Christa, and David. I was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and went on to college at Concordia, Seward where I majored in Elementary Education and Music. I also have an Early Childhood degree from UNC in Colorado. I’ve worked in the church since 1983, since 1991 here at Peace. My current job at Peace is to teach children about Jesus and to get them excited about their faith. We do this in many ways: through an active all year round Sunday School program, a Midweek program through the fall and winter months, a very exciting Vacation Bible School, as well as special activities for our 3-6th graders, not to mention our Early Childhood Center and our Parent’s Day Out programs. There is an African proverb that says that it takes a whole village to raise a child. I am very thankful that we have so many adults at Peace that support our children through their participation in all of the programs I previously mentioned. What a tremendous blessing children are and what a loving Savior we have to teach them about! Please come join us!