Siberian Lutheran Mission Society

Dear Friends of Siberian Lutheran Mission Society;

I have urgent news from Siberia!

Pastor Vitali Gavrilov writes from Tuim:

“…. At the night, people called me and cried that a smoke is coming from the church roof!  Thanks to our kind neighbors! …Urgently rushing to the church, we were horrified! The building inside was full of fire and smoke. The ceiling was burning in the church hall, part of the ceiling began to collapse, a big hole was in the floor from the coals. Finally, firefighters arrived and they stopped the flame. Nobody was hurt…”

The rest of the letter may be read and photos of the damage to the building can be viewed at this link on our SLMS website:  Faith & Hope Newsletter #256

Donations to the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society (SLMS) may be sent to:
Siberian Lutheran Mission Society
c/o Ascension Lutheran Church
8811 St. Joe Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Online donation information is located on our website:

To assist in the cost of repairs for the Tuim church building, please send a note with your donation or a memo indicating, “Tuim fire damage repairs.”
Videos featuring various SELC congregations and graduates from the SELC seminary may be viewed on the SLMS website at this link:  Click here to view videos.
The Siberian Lutheran Mission Society wishes you a very pleasant Thanksgiving weekend and end of the Church Year!


Rev. Daniel S. Johnson
Chairman, Siberian Lutheran Mission society (SLMS)

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