What is Lifetree Café and who loves it?

Lifetree Café is a comfortable place and time for people to gather every week to explore life and faith. It’s the kind of place where the atmosphere encourages conversation, questions, and personal stories. And the conversations about life lead to seeing God’s presence and love.

The hour-long Lifetree Café experience features real stories of real people, guided conversation, biblical insights, time to build relationship with new and old friends and laugh! Lifetree stories dig into the big and little things that shape our lives: Family, Friends, Fears, Balance, Money, Materialism, Health, Heaven, Peace, Purpose.

Lifetree Café is designed for the large portion of the population that is spiritually curious and wants to talk and ask questions about life issues. Lifetree Café attracts the un-churched, the de-churched, the churched who desire what Lifetree uniquely offers, and the churched who wish to share their faith stories with others, including pre-believers.

Who loves it?

Young Adults love it. It’s great for exploring life’s purpose and connecting with new people.

Couples love it. It’s like a date night, only free! Couples learn something about each other because they talk about things out of the routine.

Students love it. Teens enjoy the multigenerational conversations, where they’re listened to and respected.

Adults love it. Whether busy, retired, working, or in transition, adults find the conversation invigorating and thought-provoking.

Spiritually curious people love it. Those who have abandoned the church, never experienced God, or carry baggage from their past find Lifetree a safe place to explore life and faith.

Lifetree Café is national! Check the website www.lifetreecafe.com for other locations.
Lifetree at Peace meets Tuesdays, 12:00 noon and 7:00 PM. Come join the conversation! Invite someone along!

Polly Wegner
Director of Discipleship

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