Amazing Father

This time of year is when we hear about and celebrate the birth of Jesus. As Christians, we all know the story but there is one person in the story that, kind of, gets left behind. I’m talking about Joseph. I think of what an incredible story he had!  His story is what makes modern day talk shows thrive. Nowadays, he would be expected to seek professional council just to process these life changing events!  My goodness, if it weren’t for Joseph, Mary could have been stoned to death!  Knowing he wasn’t the father of the child that Mary was carrying and did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he was going to quietly divorce her. (Matt. 1:19). That’s when an angel came to him in a dream and told him who the father really was!  

After Jesus was delivered, Joseph had another visit by an angel telling him to pack up and take his family to Egypt.  They had to escape crazy King Herod who was killing all the babies under two years of age. Matthew 2:13-17.  He knew he had to protect and provide for his family!  

We don’t know much about Joseph, other than he was a “just man” and he came from the lineage of David.  None of his words were included in the Bible.  We can assume he was a good father (except for that little “lost child” incident in Jerusalem. Luke 2:48-52). I’m sure he was a little hurt when Jesus said in Luke 2:49, “did you not know I would be in my Father’s house? (Ouch!). A little confusing, but I think Joseph knew exactly what Jesus was saying.  

We are not really sure what happened to Joseph after that. There is speculation that he died with Mary and Jesus present, but again, speculation. The Catholic church recognizes Joseph as the “patron saint of fathers, but they give the highest veneration to Mary who is recognized several times throughout scripture.

Isn’t it amazing how God orchestrated this entire event. He chose exactly the right people to usher His Son into the world. Jesus had a wonderful earthly father that protected him, provided for him, taught him carpentry skills, all the time knowing that Jesus was not his son.  

We all have earthly fathers. Some good, like Joseph, others maybe, not so good. We as Christians have one father in common and that’s our Father in heaven. A father that protects us, richly provides for us and teaches us.  All we have to do is listen, and follow Him!!  He is the “Good Shepherd”. John 10:11 

Have a blessed Christmas. Thank God for people like Joseph!!

Kent Patton, Operations Manager

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