What a Time To Be Grateful

Man, we hear a whole lot of craziness on the news these days don’t we? I mean, hearing awful things happening around the world, all the crimes that happen on a daily basis, how in trouble our world is. It can really bring a person down in the dumps. If I’m being honest though, I don’t really watch any of that stuff. I like to get in and get out with how I get my information about what’s going on in the world. I know what you’re thinking, “HOW CAN YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION?” or “AREN’T YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE STATE OF EVERYTHING?!” I mean, of course, I think there’s something human about being anxious about the future in general. You know what’s really cool though? You know what gives us as Christians a secret weapon about all of this? In the words of Pastor Dave, “We know how the story ends.”

Now come on, be honest, that’s pretty cool right? Wait a second….BETTER THAN COOL. That’s a reason to celebrate and to thank God every day of our life! What’s even more wild about that is that it doesn’t just apply to these huge things happening in the world. It applies to our EVERY DAY LIFE. Let’s zoom in a little bit and let me give you all a little testimony. Before we get there, I want you all to keep 1 Peter 5:7 in mind. I’ve read this verse on so many occasions, when things aren’t going great and I didn’t want to screw it up, and when things are all falling apart around me. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

HE CARES FOR YOU. Whenever I read that it’s such a powerful statement. It gives me hope, reassurance, peace, all that good stuff. I have a saying that I’ve always used since I moved out to Denver for college. (and when I started this wild journey of doing music full time, or well, being broke for a long time, haha.) It always works out at the last minute. Think about it, it kinda always does right? Here’s the thing though, we don’t know when that last minute is. Jesus is the only one who does. If we zoom back out and think about the day that Jesus finally comes back, we don’t know when that is, only Jesus does. It’s up to us to spend time in the word, find comfort in our loving God, and have faith that his will is always done in the perfect moment. Just as it’s our job to do that in any trial we face in life too.

In my own life, I’ve always made rent, I’ve always made it through to the next day, God has time and time again proven that no matter what is going on, he has perfect and divine timing. Even moments in my life where I thought I failed, that ended up giving me experience to call upon and God had another door he wanted to open for me. Again, perfect timing. He gives us comfort through our storms, he brings us through it sometimes in ways we could never imagine while we’re in the thick of it. If nothing else, isn’t that a reason to be grateful every day? To tell God how much you love him? To sing his praises every chance you get? I guess what I’m saying is….Even with everything going on, God has a plan. So here’s my challenge to everyone, if you’re going through a trial, or if everything is pretty dang good right now…in your prayer time, name what you’re grateful for. There’s not a whole lot of better ways to start your day than thanking the Father for his love, strength, and guidance through this crazy thing we call life. And remember, “Cast all your anxiety on him, for he cares for you.”

Joey Ennulat, Director of Worship Arts

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