Why Do You Put Your Lord To The Test?

You know what’s funny? How much we complain! No matter how blessed we are, we still find something to complain about. Whether it be how we need a bigger house, more money, a new job, whatever it might be. We LOVE to complain and want more. It’s a human thing, none of us are perfect, and we always try our best. I mean, if we really thought of how blessed we are compared to anyone in a third world country we’d really have nothing to complain about. I mean we live in America for crying out loud.

Now I’m not trying to attack anyone, but I am trying to make a point. Also, you know who else loved to complain? The Israelites that followed Moses. I think back to Exodus 17 when God tells Moses to strike the rock to get water for the community. These people complained and complained, tested God, doubted God, EVEN AFTER HE HAD ALREADY GIVEN THEM FOOD! Think if you were Moses in that situation. What would you do? I’d be pretty upset to be honest. “Hey guys, God just blessed you, and you want MORE? You STILL don’t trust him?!” I might have a few choice words to say to the whole community. I’m sure he felt pretty frustrated, but you know who still delivered even though these people doubted him? You guessed it, The Lord God himself.

It’s funny, time and time again God’s timing is perfect in our lives. I think that the opposite of doubt is trust, and we could all use a master class in trust I’m sure. You ever notice how things always work out at the very last minute, kind of every time too? It’s pretty amazing. So here’s my challenge to everyone this week, trust. Short, simple, and sweet. Trust in God’s timing. Do the work, keep your head up, move forward, and TRUST. I’m currently having to do that a lot in this season of my life, and you know what? It’s been the sole reason for getting me through what I’m going through. God’s got me, God’s got you, and God’s got his people covered. So next time you’re doubting, or complaining remember what Moses said in Exodus 17, “Why do you put your Lord to the test?”

Joey Ennulat, Worship Arts Director

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