Peace Juniors


PJ'sPeace Juniors (PJ’s) is our Jr. High ministry with youth in grades 7 and 8, including Confirmation as our Wednesday night youth group for PJs. Check out our PJ Schedule 2017-2018 for details.

It is:

  • A time to meet new friends and get to know old friends even better
  • A time to have a lot of fun
  • A time to get to know our best friend – Jesus – a little better
  • An exciting time with lots of different activities…some at church and some away from church
  • A time to share your faith with others

Contact our Director of Student Ministries ( or 303-424-4454 X25) for more information.

Upcoming  Events

September 6, we kicked off PJ Confirmation, which doubles as our Wednesday night Junior High youth group and a time to step-up your walk with Jesus. Checkout the blue “Confirmation” above to get more details on how your 7th or 8th grader can join us!

Jan 31, all PJ families are invited to join us in the Parish Hall from 6-7PM! Peace Student Ministry is partnering with law enforcement to bring you an Internet & Social Media Safety course. The 2018 Colorado Laws are changing, and even minors can face jail time, fines, and community service for poor online choices. Be informed with us!