A New Year’s Challenge

For awhile now, I have been searching for a way to make daily Bible study a non-negotiable part of my day. Over the years, I have done many different things from just sitting down and reading to going to an intensive Bible study. None of them have stuck as a life-long practice, and I feel the lack in my life when I am not purposeful in my time with God. 

So, this is where the challenge comes in. I found a wonderful resource from TeachSundaySchool.com. It is the Write-A-Verse-A-Day guide. This is a guide that is meant for children, but, will obviously work for any one who is old enough to read and write. Each month has a theme. January is Joy, and each of the verses given will relate to joy. The challenge for me, and for you if you would like to join me, is to write out a new verse each day. I will be writing out my verses on a set of small cards on a ring, but you could go as fancy or plain as you would like. 

For this challenge, I will put copies of each month out on the table by the Children’s Center. I can also print out the whole year for you if you would like that. Also, if your children would like to participate, they can earn points towards prizes. (I’m still working on a better reward system for our Children’s Ministry, but that will come out soon)

I hope that you will join me in this challenge as we seek out God’s plan for us in His scripture.

Lydia Massie, Director of Children’s Ministry

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