Because I’m Not Perfect

Visiting with new people to our church is the favorite part of my job. I love getting to know them and hearing their “story”. No two stories are the same but a few themes emerge. One I hear often is “I stayed away from church because I’m not perfect and I didn’t want to be a phony Christian.”

It makes me sad to think that a person would stay away from church because they thought they weren’t good enough. Church is where we go because we are not perfect. Church is where we receive hope and encouragement straight from the Word of God. Worship, holy communion, Christian fellowship and connecting around God’s Word is where we receive strength to live for Jesus and forgiveness when we fail. I can’t fix all my imperfections and countless failures, but through the grace of God I am changed into something new and beautiful. Jesus’ sacrificial death for me makes me perfect in God’s eyes.

This Lenten season, let’s make a point to invite someone who has been away from church for awhile. Let’s encourage them to look to the cross for forgiveness, come to God’s altar, hear His Word, and get to know a whole lot of other imperfect people at Peace. Because we are not perfect, we all need Jesus.

Polly Wegner
Dir. of Discipleship

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