Of all God’s creations, I find the eye to be one of the most incredible. 

You can be the “apple of someone’s eye”, you can “keep an eye out” for something, you can try to see “eye to eye”, you can be in the “public eye”, and once in the public eye you can turn a “blind eye”.  

Five weeks ago, my wife had a simple cataract surgery that turned into a medical challenge.  A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye.  The cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial lens.  In this case, the old lens fractured while being extracted releasing a chip that lacerated the inside of the “globe”.  The doctor sutured the laceration and sent us to a retinologist, (yes, that’s a real person) for further treatment. After two subsequent surgeries, laser treatments and lots of prayer, her eye is almost healed!

During our journey of surgeries, waiting rooms, insurance companies and gallons of eye drops, I had the opportunity to study God’s creation of sight.  Did you know that there are more than 30 components to the eye?  Not only to the eyes work in symphony with each other, but God created eye lash filters to protect the eyes from unwanted particles.  The amount of light entering the eye is closely monitored and controlled by the iris.  The eye also helps in the regulation of balance and circadian rhythm, (the internal 24 hour clock regulating sleep and wake cycles).  The object of the eye focus enters through the cornea, through the lens, turning the object upside down, the right side up as it reflects through the eye into the optic nerve to be analyzed by the brain. This triggers a multitude of nervous interaction including memory and emotion all in 3D detail!!  I’m just scratching the surface with this description but to properly illustrate the function of the eye would turn this blog into a blog book.  The mere thought of this miraculous structure being formed by an exploding ball of gas or by random chance is ludicrous! 

The eye is just one of many organs that are “fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 138:14.  Obviously it was our God that created our “inmost being, being knit together in our mother’s womb”. Psalm 138:13 ..  What an awesome God we have, “worthy of all glory and honor and power for He has created all things”! Revelation 4:11


Kent Patton, Operations Manager

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