Have your started your Christmas protests yet?

You know what I mean …

“It’s too commercial!”
“All this is going to put us in the poorhouse!”
“I will never get it all done!”
“I hate the expectations of gift giving, etc. etc.”
“Extra worship services to attend?”
“We can’t get to every concert, show or party.”
“And I am supposed to help others at Christmas, too?”
“Not another Christmas letter to write!”
“These relatives are driving me nuts!”
“The mall traffic is crazy!”
“Travel headaches!”
“Baaah Humbug!”

This year, why not stage a protest. Stage it in your own heart. Make the decision that you will put Jesus first and allow Him to guide your choices of time, money and priorities this season. Don’t let any
part of the season take away the joy, the celebration and the meaning of Christmas. You know the true meaning… don’t let it get lost. “Let every heart prepare Him room.” Occupy Advent in your heart and the rest of the holiday busyness will fall into place with less stress and better balance. God comes to us in the still small voice of a Child in a manger. Invite others to worship the holy Child with you this season. It matters for eternity. See you in church –

Polly Wegner, DCE

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