When we think of miracles, most of us think about the miracles they read about in the Bible. Jesus performed many miracles during his time here on earth. There are many miracles that we can read about in the New Testament, (81 to be exact) but we know that those miracles are just a small sampling of all the miracles that Jesus performed. Most of the time when Jesus would perform a miracle, he would instruct his disciples to ‘Tell no one what they had seen”. We’re also told that his disciples also performed miracles!

The miracles that Jesus performed ranged from turning water to wine, to raising three people from the dead, (The widow’s son at Nain, Jairus daughter and Lazarus).  Looking at the Old Testament we will find over 83 more miracles recorded. But, what about today? There are miracles happening all around us. We just don’t take time to look for them or, they have become so common that we take them for granted. Such as the miracle of life, what a beautiful and complex miracle, so often taken for granted!

Working fire/rescue for 30 years, I had the opportunity to witness many miracles. Unfortunately, these miracles were often passed off as luck, good karma, life force or fate. Many times, I heard people “thank their lucky stars”!?

Sometimes we forget Gods’ influence in our lives and the protection he offers (through his angels) on a day-to-day basis. I was thinking about one rescue call in particular which I responded. A ten-year old girl ran across a busy street.  Being partially blinded by the sun, the driver of a car traveling approximately 40 miles per hour, hit the young girl. The force of strike knocked the girl out of her shoes. She continued over the hood of the car, broke the windshield and flipped up into a bike and bike rack on top of the car. Upon our arrival, the girl was screaming and crying which, to us was a good sign. After extricating her from the bike and bike rack, we immobilized her and began our assessment. To our amazement, the only injuries that we could see was a partially severed thumb, abrasions on her lower legs and body bruising. No broken bones! No overt head injury! No breathing issues! Because of the magnitude of her injuries, we flew her to a trauma center.  After they conducted their assessments, including x-ray and CAT scans, she was observed overnight and allowed to go home the next day.

Luck? Lucky stars? No way! Call it like it is …  A MIRACLE!!

Thanks be to God!

Kent Patton, Operations Manager 

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