Open the Eyes of My Heart

Does anyone else get so wrapped up in their problems – big or small – that you kind of forget that you’re not walking through them alone?  (Or is it just me?) It doesn’t take much to get my focus on whatever the problem of the day is and totally lose track of the fact that Jesus is walking right beside me, offering words of wisdom, guidance, support, patience – all those things that just might help me deal with whatever it is that’s consuming me.

As I was reading this week’s Gospel reading (Luke 24:13-35 – The Road to Emmaus), it felt very familiar. Two guys walking down the road, reeling from the events of Holy Week…particularly Good Friday…wondering if the story about the empty tomb could be real. They did not recognize Jesus when he joined them on the road. In their tunnel vision, focused on the problem of the day, they just kept rehashing the details – looking for an answer that was walking right beside them. (sounds familiar) It took something that was probably very familiar to them (the blessing and breaking of the bread) to open their eyes and make them realize Jesus had been there all along. What a story they had to tell! (Which they did, immediately!)

Now I don’t have Jesus in his human form walking right beside me, but He certainly makes Himself known in many ways if only I’d ‘be still and know that He is God’. Immersed in His Word I can find words of wisdom, passages that guide my thoughts and actions, assurances that God is with me, examples of those who persevered through patience, but how easily are my thoughts drawn away from the thing I need most! Prayer can be a healing balm, too. If I just take the time to ‘unload’ on God, I find some peace knowing that He hears and He gets it…and He is there to carry my burden if I’d just let Him. Each Sunday, I can find Him in Word and Sacrament – again, if I just focus on Him and not all the things distracting me. How about just recalling the literally countless times He has seen me through life situations – good and bad? I am still standing by the goodness and grace of God. How much better would my life be if only I’d ‘let go and let God’? (cliché but good advise nonetheless) So I’ll keep on trying – knowing God is patient and I’ll keep on praying that He opens the eyes of my heart so I never lose sight of the fact He is on the road, right beside me, every step of the way.

Dawn Lubker, Ministry Assistant

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