Christ in Film

One of my favorite things to do is watch movies. Growing up in the 90s (I’m an 80s kid) we had a lot of amazing movies. I have fond memories of going to the theater with my brothers and seeing all kinds of action flicks and comedies. We would rent movies from Blockbuster when my parents were out of town, and have movie marathons. 

We would have fun shared experiences with the movies, and then we’d bring them up in discussions for years to come. What’s cool is that a shared experience forms a bond between people that can be reminisced about later in life. 

As I was getting older and into ministry, I started having deeper discussions about the movies I would watch, and being a bit of a nerd, would try to see how Jesus fit into the movies. I’d ask myself questions during the movie to analyze it too.

Who is the Jesus figure in this movie? (Who is the hero, and how is he a type or antitype of Jesus?)

What is the overall theme of the movie?

Is there a redemption story? 

What are the relationships between the characters like? 

What is the motivation of the main character?

Are there biblical elements to the story?

Does this story parallel with anything from the Bible?

When you ask these questions, it can be fun to see how the filmmaker put in biblical themes into the movie intentionally or unintentionally. It also gives us the opportunity to ask whether or not the movie is edifying or not and if we should even be watching it. Watch things that will build you up, not tempt you or tear you down.

As you watch more movies, ask these questions while learning more about God’s Word. Let me know what you find, and we can have a fun discussion!

In Christ,

Josh Cromley

Director of NexGen Ministries

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