Thoughts on Community

This week, I have been reading and thinking so deeply on the idea of community. Isolation breeds discontent as Christians, and we need to be together in order to reaffirm our faith, and our community. But what is a community? Is it only within the walls of our church? To find the answer, we look directly to Jesus.

For me, the past few months have taught me that action speaks so much louder than words. Sure, Jesus spoke in front of thousands. He performed so many miracles, and we are here today as Christians because of him. But what I have learned in this past year is that my Christian fellowship, and my community is shown to me through the people who show up. Through the members of our church and our community who simply just do, and act. Just as Jesus did.

Jesus always made himself vulnerable by talking to those in his community who are in the most need of his actions. The simple act of showing up. The Gospel states: “The first shall be last, to gain your life you must lose it, and that the meek would inherit the earth.’ When you look through the Bible, it is full of stories of those who are marginalized, maybe even covered in sin, and Jesus always showed up for them. Just as I’ve learned that true Christians do.

Jesus’ ministry is everywhere, but I do feel it can be argued that his true ministry was outside the walls of the temple. Authentic faith is not about knowing the Word inside and out verbatim, or being gifted enough to speak in front of thousands, but an inescapable component that encompasses our entire mind, body and spirit. I know how thankful I am for my Christian community, and our job as disciples of Christ is to live like Him, in His image, as best we can. And to always welcome and help those who need to feel the beauty of our community the most!

Cynthia Mawe, New Member Coordinator

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