Peace: Religious Disease Center?

Physical diseases posed no problem for Jesus. When He encountered them, He healed them with a word. Religious diseases were another matter. Things like legalism, judgmentalism, hypocrisy, elitism – these took a different type of cure. The Pharisees, a highly religious group of Jesus’ day, suffered from all of them. And they encountered Jesus’ wrath because of it.

We have our own religious diseases. We have contracted many of those carried by the Pharisees. What if Peace Church was a hospital for sinners, a religious disease center? A place where we can get information to confront the disease. A place where we can confess and cleanse ourselves of religious disease, and ask the Great Physician to bring His healing. Peace can be that place for you and for anyone who you may invite along. Through Christ we can receive spiritual healing. Sit with me at Peace as if it were at the
feet of Christ. Hear His Word, receive his forgiveness, and be well.

Polly Wegner,
Director of Discipleship

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