Shining Jesus’ Light

At the beginning of June, Peace hosted over 200 children for our annual Vacation Bible School. It was five activity-packed mornings, in which the children learned all about how they could Shine Jesus’ Light to the world around them. They learned about who our God is, and the promises he makes to everyone. The kids were excited, and the helpers were worn out, but the week was amazing.

My initial idea was to do a recap of VBS, but in thinking, I really just wanted to thank everyone who participated in making sure that our VBS program was wonderful. From helping to plan, organizing supplies, getting things decorated, all the way to doing laundry after, even if you couldn’t help the week of VBS, you played an important part in Shining Jesus’ Light to everyone in our community. 

Peace’s VBS has an amazingly positive reputation in the Denver area. I can’t tell you how many times I heard comments like “It’s my kids’ favorite camp all summer,” “My child and her best friend met at your VBS,” and my favorite “BEST VBS in the Denver area!” We, as a congregation, are making a huge impact in our area just by doing the things we do best year after year. It is an honor, and a huge responsibility “Just don’t mess it up, Lydia!” I said to myself many times, to be involved with such an amazing outreach. 

In good Children’s Ministry fashion, I’m already thinking of next year, and what we can do. We even have the theme: Scuba: Diving into Friendship with God. While it is a huge event to plan, I am already looking forward to our amazing VBS next summer.

Lydia Massie, Director of Children’s Ministry

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