Gifted to Give

The gifts given by the Wise Men were “right on” – gold, frankincense and myrrh – gifts suitable for a king. How did they know to bring three “king gifts,” and to whom to give them? The gifts were “right on” because they originated with God and God led them to stand (kneel) in His presence with them.

We too have been led by God into His presence and we too have been uniquely gifted with talents and abilities to serve Him in this world. We may prefer to have been given other gifts, yet we trust that the gifts He has given each of us are those He will faithfully use to serve others through us.

This Christmas consider offering three gifts to God throughout the coming year, with each gift relating to a person of the Trinity. Following are some ideas:

Father: A gift of care and provision; the sharing of abundance; special care for the earth or the community; providing for the daily needs of others.

Son: A gift that requires sacrificial giving of time, talents or finances; reaching out to someone with
the love of Jesus through personal visits, prayer, cards and notes.

Spirit: Quiet support of someone without being known; thoughtful acts toward an individual; anonymous gifts to a family, a school, a church, the community or world; specific act of thanks to someone for their positive impact on you; an attitude change in a challenging situation.

Our “gifting” hands are never empty… God has filled them by His grace… gifted us so that we may gift others… all in celebration of the greatest gift of all, Jesus!

Polly Wegner
Dir. of Discipleship

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