Seeker to Soaker

People today who have questions about faith, questions about the Bible’s message, or are desiring a stronger spiritual life are often called “seekers”. Christian churches work to attract people who are seeking because we have the eternal answers they are looking for. There is a real need for Christian education at a basic foundational level because that is where seekers, children, and many Christians are at in their spiritual lives.

However, it is important for all of us to move from seeker to “soaker”. A disciple immerses him or herself in the Teacher’s words. A soaking follower is familiar enough with Scripture to speak words of faith and hope. A Scripture soaked individual knows and shows the God we believe in.

Please continue to invite seekers to Peace. Walk the journey with them through basic Bible classes. Then challenge them and yourself to continue to soak in God’s Word through a number of Bible classes or small groups that strive to deepen, stretch and equip believers for discipleship in this world.

Classes for all ages and stages are held year-round at Peace. This Fall be watching for new Bible studies and opportunities to soak and grow, to be all that God has set us apart to be in this time and place. If you have comments or questions regarding adult ministries, small groups, areas of service, or membership at Peace, please call.

See you in Church,
Polly Wegner, Dir. of Discipleship

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