Why Don’t We?!

After months of preparation, we were finally on our way. For months we had worked together to prepare for our first mission trip outside of the United States.  Hours upon hours had been spent raising funds, practicing the musical, building props, painting backdrops, submitting permission slips, waivers, and other paperwork.  We had practiced puppet skits, collected tools and building supplies, gathered toys and gifts, studied the Mexican culture, and made travel arrangements.  We weren’t exactly sure what we would encounter, but our goal was singular . . . to share the love of Jesus with the people in Juarez, Mexico.

At long last, our gear was stowed safely in the hold of the big purple bus; luggage, sound equipment, backdrops and props, gifts for the children.  Youth and adult leaders were nestled in newly upholstered seats.   Laughter and excitement filled the cabin.  We were on our way!

As time and miles of road passed by, things began to quiet.  Some were engrossed in video games.  Others were playing cards or reading.  Some gathered their pillows and fell asleep.  Conversations were muted and quiet, an occasional laugh punctuating the subdued banter. 

“I’ve been thinking.”  The offhand comment seemed to come out of nowhere, spoken by a youth who seemed preoccupied with the scenery outside the window.  The comment was directed to nobody in particular.  “Would we go up to somebody at McDonalds and just start talking about Jesus?”

The question was met with an uncomfortable silence.  Those who heard stopped what they were doing, considering the question.  Finally, another youth answered with a note of hesitance.  ”I don’t think so . . . .”

“Why don’t we?!  Why are we willing to go through all this work to go to a place we’ve never been to talk with people we’ve never met in a language we seldom speak . . . but we aren’t willing to strike up a short conversation about Jesus in our own neighborhood?”

That question has haunted me.  Why don’t we?!

What keeps us from sharing the Good News of Jesus?  Are we concerned people will think we are fanatics?  Are we afraid that we will be ridiculed?  Are we uneasy that we will be shunned or ostracized or left out?  Are we worried that we don’t know all the answers, that someone will “stump” us with a question we can’t answer?  Do we just live and let live, allowing each person to make his or her own choice?  Are we afraid we will lose face if we talk about Jesus? 

Perhaps there are bigger questions to be considered.  What is lost if we don’t?  And what is gained if we do?

Isn’t it worth the risk?


  • What keeps you from talking about Jesus in your circle?
  • What are some simple ways you can share the love of Jesus with your friends and neighbors?
  • What are some promises from God that you can rely on as you share Jesus with others?

“And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?  And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?  …‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’”   Romans 10:14

In Him, Pastor Tim

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