I don’t know about you, but today, does it seem like people have more of a difficult time controlling their anger?  Especially behind the steering wheel of their car?!  Twice last week I was the recipient of a nasty hand gesture while driving. My grandson was with me on one of the incidents.  Grandson…, “papa, why did that guy honk his horn and stick his arm out of the window raising his finger?”  Me… Quick thinking, “Well, maybe he was just showing off his IQ”.  Grandson… “What’s an IQ papa?” Me… “Maybe he’s just having a bad day”. 

I honestly don’t remember doing anything wrong!  I take pride in my driving!  I only bend the law when I feel it’s warranted!  Ha!

Seriously, why all the anger, vindictiveness, hatred, anxiety? It’s evil! Hey, maybe I just hit the nail on the head. It’s evil!!  These are all the emotions that Satan uses to distract us, or control us. I remember working as a medic on East Colfax. The calls that we would respond, many times ended in severe injury or death, due to anger and hatred.  On many occasions, during my interview of the combatants, they didn’t know what happened to them.  They couldn’t believe that they got so out of control!  So violent!  So filled with anger or hatred, they couldn’t control themselves. Sound like Satan’s influence?  Even as Christians, we may lose our temper, but this is contrary to the word of God.  It’s “contrary to His desire” James 1:20. Ephesians 4:31 instructs us to “get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger”! We must “rid ourselves of all such things as anger, rage and malice” Colossians 3:8. “Resist him, stand firm in the faith” 1 Peter 5:9   “Do not give the Devil a foot hold”. Ephesians 4:27.  

The Word: it’s so very important to stay in the Word, warding off tempers and anger. Be strong in the Lord, building households of faith!

Blessings to you!!!

Kent Patton, Operations Manager

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